Boxie24 Amsterdam
Boxie24 Amsterdam
Boxie24 Amsterdam
Boxie24 Amsterdam
Boxie24 Amsterdam

Boxie24 Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 482, 1017 EG, Amsterdam

4.2/5 rating

Huurders beoordelen deze opslagruimte met 4.2/5

31 beoordelingen


Eerste maand gratis
Vaste lage prijzen
7 dagen per week toegang tot jouw box
Eenvoudig bereikbaar met auto en openbaar vervoer


Overdekt laden en lossen
Geen tussentijdse prijsverhogingen
Parkeerplaatsen voor bezoekers
Verhuisartikelen beschikbaar
24/7 camerabewaking


06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00

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Reviews over Boxie24 Amsterdam

Everything was easy going, fast and without trouble. The price range was also satisfying. The company seems proactive in taking feedback and improving their services. Overall a good experience.

Avatar of Kieun Bae

Kieun Bae

02/16/2024 15:25:16

Very helpful on the phone and able to answer all the questions I had. Quick arrangements and very friendly people who came to pick up my boxes. Overall very efficient and friendly!

Avatar of Penny .Xatzi

Penny .Xatzi

01/31/2024 18:24:35

Fantastic experience! The entire staff is a pleasure to work with- friendly, fast and efficient. I am so happy we chose them and would recommend to anyone in need of storage services!

Avatar of Natalie Haarlander

Natalie Haarlander

01/26/2024 11:55:37

I regrettably had a bad experience entrusting my belongings, including power tools of very high value, to Boxie24 for storage. Upon retrieving my items, the locks of my tool boxes had been tampered with, their contents missing, and four entire tool boxes were nowhere to be found.

When I confronted Boxie24 about these issues, they attempted to deflect blame by suggesting that I had provided an inaccurate inventory or none at all. This allegation was false. I had provided them with a physical inventory copy to the drivers upon collection and a backup email copy with photos, both signed and dated. However, Boxie24 denied receiving the inventory.

They were not able to answer my question about why I was never notified about the missing paper inventory as this poses a serious security concern for customers. If Boxie24 staff do falsely claim missing paperwork then where is the protection for the customers?

Later I discovered that some of my missing tools were being sold in a second-hand store located in the same town as my storage unit. This undeniable evidence confirmed my suspicion that my belongings had been pilfered while under Boxie24's care. Their lack of plausible explanation only confirmed what had happened, as they continued to evade accountability. I urge anybody to take the negative google reviews very seriously. I wish I did.

Avatar of Justin Zinn

Justin Zinn

01/24/2024 18:00:50

Spullen beschadigd en gestolen. Ze bieden geen oplossing

Avatar of vincent oers, van

vincent oers, van

01/22/2024 12:01:44

Super service, Ali is een topper!

Avatar of Kim Brolsma

Kim Brolsma

12/19/2023 15:03:26

Ali was super vriendelijk en zorgzaam voor de spullen. Was een hele fijne ervaring om door hem geholpen te worden. Alles verliep enorm soepel.

Avatar of Roos Dessing

Roos Dessing

12/18/2023 13:03:59

The boxes arrived quickly and smoothly. Special thanks to Ali for flexibly handling the situation when we got stuck in traffic on the way home and resolving it!

Avatar of Patrik Rozgonyi

Patrik Rozgonyi

12/15/2023 16:27:37

Painless experience. I'll never use my own boxes to move again - even my movers were happy to see I used these boxes. Ali was really helpful and picked up the boxes in a way that made it easy for me. Highly recommended.

Avatar of Sunil Dixit

Sunil Dixit

12/15/2023 15:33:14

Same as in trustpilot, they should offer shipping options. Hopefully it becomes available soon, maybe ups is the cheapest and best option..

Avatar of Edgar


12/11/2023 09:05:10