Boxie24 Den Haag
Boxie24 Den Haag
Boxie24 Den Haag
Boxie24 Den Haag
Boxie24 Den Haag

Boxie24 Den Haag

Parkstraat 83, 2514 JG, Den Haag

4.8/5 rating

Huurders beoordelen deze opslagruimte met 4.8/5

43 beoordelingen


Vaste lage prijzen
7 dagen per week toegang tot box


24/7 camerabewaking
Overdekt laden en lossen
Geen tussentijdse prijsverhogingen
Parkeerplaatsen voor bezoekers
Verhuisartikelen beschikbaar


06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00

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Reviews over Boxie24 Den Haag

Good service! Especially helpful if you don’t have a car, as they pick up your items and then return it to the address you provide. The only problem is that they don’t specify the time of pickup & return, so you have to be home from 9-17h not knowing when this will happen.

Avatar of Malena


02/16/2024 12:17:02

Jongens waren zeer behulpzaam en werd netjes optijd gebeld voor vertraging

Avatar of Samuel Giovanni Dingelman

Samuel Giovanni Dingelman

02/14/2024 12:48:28

Als je zonder stress wel professionele hulp voor opslag wilt. Ze zijn snel en vakkundig zeg! Thanks!!

Avatar of Rodney Korsten

Rodney Korsten

02/06/2024 11:47:27

The movers were professional. Really helpful and cheerful

Avatar of Temitayo Olusola

Temitayo Olusola

01/31/2024 16:03:15

I have had a great experience with the pickup. I needed 1h of heads up so i could prepare everything well and it was given to me without problems. The pickup guys were very polite and helpful and the pickup and delivery service definitely is a big plus. Would recommend it 100%

Avatar of Nicoleta Cozma

Nicoleta Cozma

12/08/2023 21:54:19

Ze reageren snel en komen ook snel opdagen. Snelle service en goede klantenservice.

Avatar of Paolo Destilo

Paolo Destilo

11/27/2023 09:50:33

I can only speak for my experience with BOXIE24 Den Haag, but this has been the worst possible experience with a self storage company, and any company for that matter.

I have found BOXIE24 Den Haag, and members of staff, to be highly unprofessional, untrustworthy and they have recently returned my items in a severely damaged condition, with well over €1000 worth of damage, in addition to sentimental photos and items.

I first used BOXIE24 Den Haag for long term storage in February 2022, and was initially attracted to their competitive pricing and communication in English.

I first had issues with BOXIE24 Den Haag, when price increases were made to my arranged storage fee, without any form of explanation or communication to me, via email, telephone or text.

I also had issues with the legitimacy of storage space dimension increases, when I needed to add more items.

I studied the storage space dimensions detailed on their website, and it seemed apparent that I was being charged for a greater storage space than was required for my items.

I made requests to visit my stored items at the Den Haag self storage facility, which were denied, as was my request for physical proof that the storage space was accurate, and not on 'their word'.

I found it very unusual that a customer was not able to visit the self storage unit, to view how their items were being stored, the suitability of the facilities, and to determine if the quoted storage space dimensions were true.

Early service complaint emails were sent to Michael Delye, who I found to be dismissive of my justified concerns.

This was until I explained that I would be registering a complaint with de Gischillencommissie and the CEO of BOXIE24, Mr Gerrit Jan Reinders.

A 'good will' gesture was made by Michael Delye to myself, whereby I would no longer need to make payment for my self storage, for a period of over a month, including free return delivery of my items, if I did not register a complaint against the company.

Due to my ongoing very poor experiences with BOXIE24 Den Haag, I wanted to no longer use them, and this seemed like an adequate resolution.

That was until I saw the state of my items that were returned on 8th September 2023.

A medium value wooden coffee table and wooden TV stand were so badly scratched and dented that not even Kringloop would accept them, numerous picture and print frames were scratched and cracked, metallic items including an expensive telescope were badly rusted, and sentimental pictures, photographs, and books were faded and seemingly exposed to a high moisture environment.

I hugely regret not doing a detailed inventory, and taking before and after photos of the items that were stored with BOXIE24 Den Haag, as I would most certainly be taking further action against this disgraceful company.

I very rarely write negative reviews, and have nothing to gain from this, but the experience and level of 'service' has been so awful, I would like to warn new and existing customers of this company's practices.

I implore all customers who need to use BOXIE24 to do a detailed inventory and breakdown of the condition of your items, to take photographs of your items before they go into storage, and to ask BOXIE24 for physical proof of how they will be storing your items, including accurate measurements of the storage area dimensions, so that you are not overcharged.

It's a real shame to have to write such a negative review, but my experience with BOXIE24 has been hugely damaging, expensive, disrespectful and untrustworthy.

Avatar of A Wood

A Wood

10/06/2023 16:22:47

Great communication and reasonable price

Avatar of Jeremy


07/23/2023 13:49:00

Great experience.

Boxie was able to collect my items for me and bring them to my storage unit. This was important, as I am currently ~7500km away in Canada.

Excellent communication, and instant responses. Best price, too.

Avatar of Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson

07/07/2023 19:30:12

Great customer service, useful for our move. Loved that we did not have to use single use boxes anymore!

Avatar of Neda Malkawi

Neda Malkawi

07/05/2023 15:16:28